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An Introduction to Motorhomes

Buying a Motorhome is a daunting task as it is most likely the second most expensive purchase of your life !
Motorhomes are increasingly high tech and come with a vast array of equipment designed to help but can be alien to end users who aren’t super technical. Our online Motorhome course is here to help, taking you through all the facets of Motorhoming from the basics of the different types available all the way through to the nitty gritty aspects of how they work. This course is designed for beginners to Motorhoming and long term users alike as it has some very in depth technical detail on the Gas and Electrical components on Motorhomes and how they interact with each other.

Usually when purchasing a Motorhome from a Motorhome Dealer a handover occurs once you have paid in full and are collecting the van. This handover duration can vary greatly in its usefulness based on the knowledge of the person handing over the van, their confidence in passing on this knowledge and how busy they are. We have heard of handovers taking less than 30 minutes. When you consider all the dangerous aspects of a Motorhome, i.e. Gas, water and Electricity all constrained in a metal box bouncing down the road over speed bumps and potholed roads these handovers should be hours long to ensure the new owner goes away confident in how to operate and identify most aspects of their new vehicle. In reality its impossible for dealers to dedicate sufficient time to be able to do this and so our Online courses are here to fill the gap.

You can buy the entire course or purchase individual modules, the choice is yours.

What you’ll learn

What Types of Motorhomes are Available and what might suit your requirements best.

Your age and how it will affect which Motorhomes you can drive.

How to safely use the Gas subsystem of your Motorhome and its components.

How the 230v Mains Electric components and the 12v Components co-exist and interact together.

An in depth appreciation of how the Sanitation and its associated pipework and items operate.

Course Content

Lessons Status
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