An Introduction to Motorhomes.

The concept for this Motorhome course came from our day to day role as an Accessory supply and fitting company.

Day in Day out we have customers on the phone or face to face in our workshop asking questions about a new Motorhome they have just bought or one they are thinking of purchasing.

Customers arrive at our workshop sometimes in incredibly high tech brand new £60k+ vehicles with only the bare essential knowledge of how it operates, what is safe and what isn’t.

This all boils down to the whole buying process in the UK. As an interested party, you visit a dealers for instance, see a Motorhome that catches your eye. After some dilly dallying you put in an offer, your offer after some negotiation is accepted and then suddenly the day approaches for you to collect your gleaming new machine.

The designated driver if you are a couple is nervous, they are going to be driving very shortly possibly the most expensive and probably the largest vehicle they have ever set foot in on UK roads and so understandably very little of the Dealer handover sinks in, regardless of how in depth the handover is. Twinned with this is the complexity of modern vehicles and the sales person possibly trying to cram in all the standard aspects of your new vehicle in as little as 1-2 hours.

In our experience majority of new first time owners of Motorhomes leave the Dealership in a haze of excitement having possibly absorbed 20% of the handover contents.

They then nervously drive away and upon arrival safely home then suddenly realise how little they really know about their vehicle and how it works “under the hood”.

This is where our course comes in. We will over the course of the day take you from inexperienced new owners to competent Motorhomers confident in their abilities, safe and secure to operate their vehicles inner workings.

Our course outline is as follows:-

  • Motorhome Types and pros and cons of each.
  • 230v Electrics and how it operates, shortfalls and workarounds
  • 12v Electrics operation, battery charging, benefits and hints and tips.
  • Gas in the Motorhome, safety, usage, caveats and refillable cylinders.
  • Water System / Sanitation, typical Motorhome configurations, tips on refilling / emptying. Toilet operation and types.
  • Motorhome Security, Alarms, locks, simple common sense tips for safe living aboard.
  • Motorhome Technology Addons, Reversing Cameras, Solar Panels, SOG, Satellite and TV Systems, Air Conditioning and other extras. Explanation and Pros and Cons of each technology.
  • Question Time, thrown open to the floor for any questions you had been dying to ask but didn’t know who to ask !

Obviously this is a lot to get through in a single day, you will be given some information to take away to absorb in your own time.

Thank you so much for your time and professionalism at last weeks course.
I found the course to be very informative and was certainly worth traveling from Ireland to complete.
I am gong to look at a Pilote p670 tomorrow and thanks to you I will be much better informed and know what to look for, thanks again.