Motorhome Electrics

motorhome electrics training course

Our Motorhome Electrics course covers the following subjects:- 230v Sub system (Charging / Components) 12v Sub System (Charging / Components) Leisure Batteries (Types / Charge) Solar Power Generators Inverters Monitoring On completion of the course you will be competent to use your Motorhome Electrics system and know all of the components that make up a…

Motorhome Sanitation

motorhome sanitation course

This course will cover the following subjects:- Motorhome Toilets (Types / Usage / Emptying / Tips) SOG Toilets addon Waste Water System Fresh Water Systems Taps (Types / Tips) Water Filters Water Pumps (Types / Tips) Hoses & Valves Filling / Draining

Gas in Motorhomes

gas in a motorhome training course

Ever felt unsure about the LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) setup in your Motorhome ? Do you know what to do in the event of a Gas Leak ? Want to learn what each component is for ? Take our Individual Module LPG in a Motorhome and don’t get stressed about Gas any more ! On…

Beginners Guide To Motorhomes

beginners guide to motorhomes

This Course is in development and due for release Q1 2020. Buying a Motorhome is a daunting task as it is most likely the second most expensive purchase of your life !Motorhomes are increasingly high tech and come with a vast array of equipment designed to help but can be alien to end users who…